dear Colleagues, at the Sixth Interdisciplinary Scientific Forum with international participation "New Materials and Advanced Technologies" 12 scientific sections in the following areas:

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Moderators: Doctor of Chemistry. Kargin Yu.F.. (IMET RAN), Ph.D.. Lemeshev DO. (RHTU im. D.I.. Mendeleev), Ph.D.. Lysenkov A.S.. (IMET RAN), Ph.D.. Titov DD. (IMET RAN)

The section will discuss construction materials, used in the manufacture of products, elements of structures, machine parts, perceiving power load. Keywords: construction materials, reinforcement, improvement of mechanical and thermophysical properties, metal alloys and steels, non-metallic materials (inorganic and organic), ceramics, composite materials, kermety, concrete, sealants, graphite, glass.

Moderators: Corresponding Member. RAS Kolmakov A.G.. (IMET RAN), Ph.D.. Nasakina EO. (IMET RAN), Ph.D.. Kulikov DA. (GBUZ MO MONIKI)

Interdisciplinary section, to which we invite scientists of chemical, technical, biological, pharmaceutical and medical sciences, with its results and achievements in the following areas:

  • cell technologies and tissue engineering in medicine;
  • genomic and post-genomic technologies for creating drugs;
  • bioengineering technologies;
  • biomedical technology;
  • biosensor technologies, bioanalytical devices;
  • pharmacology;
  • biomaterials and products from them;
  • new high-tech technologies and equipment for medicine;
  • preclinical and clinical studies;
  • mathematical and computer methods in medical engineering.

Moderators: corresponding member. Lukashin AV. (MSU), Ph.D.. Boitsova O.V. (IGIC RAS)

Methods for the synthesis of nanomaterials; application of nanomaterials and nanocoatings in various industries; nanotechnological equipment; modeling of nanoprocesses and nanostructures.

Moderators: Ph.D.. Daddy NA. (YOU HAVE A WOUND), Ph.D.. Gorsky EV. (gen. dir. Troitsk Engineering Center)

The section includes experimental work on the following topics:

  • Experimental study of the characteristics and properties of materials at various structural levels.
  • Organization and conduct of the experiment.
  • Features of obtaining and processing experimental data.
  • Definition of mechanical, physical and operational characteristics of nodes, aggregates and structural elements.
  • Predicting the behavior of structures during operation based on experimental data.

Moderators: Academician of the RAS Ievlev VM. (IMET RAN), Ph.D.. Kulbakin I.V.. (IMET RAN)

The section will discuss new metal, ceramic, composite materials, including glass, single crystals, functional films and other inorganic materials, possessing unique electrophysical (sex- and superconductors, superions, piezoelectrics, etc.), magnetic (ferro-, ferri-, antiferromagnets, materials with colossal magnetoresistance, etc.), optical (phosphors, scintillators, photonic crystals, nonlinear optical materials, etc.) and other special properties, including methods of obtaining them and areas of further application.

Moderators: Ph.D.. Yaremenko I.A.. (IOH RAN)

The interdisciplinary section includes a discussion of the current state of research in organic chemistry and the development of functional materials.

Section directions:

  • New approaches in organic synthesis for the production of complex molecules;
  • Catalysis in organic synthesis;
  • Promising organic molecules and materials;
  • Organic and hybrid molecular systems.

Moderators: Academician of RAS Leontiev L.I.. (IMET UrO RAN), Ph.D.. Anisonyan K.G.(IMET RAN)

The section will consider materials, aimed at the development of promising processes in metallurgy using new approaches and improving existing technologies for the processing of raw ore raw materials, man-made waste, as well as to improve the quality of the obtained metals and alloys.

Section directions:

  • Beneficiation and processing of ore raw materials
  • Processing of industrial waste and secondary raw materials
  • Theoretical foundations of metallurgical processes, automation and simulation
  • Production of metals and alloys, metalworking.

Moderators: Corresponding Member. RAS Varfolomeev (IBCP RAS), Ph.D.. Demin D.V. (IPPB RAS), Ph.D.. Khvatov A.V. (IBCP RAS)

The section covers almost all areas, which are currently developing within the direction “green chemistry”. Future “green” energy sources:

  • hydrogen technology;
  • fuel cell technology;
  • biodiesel;
  • energy saving;
  • use of renewable resources: starch, cellulose, sugar;
  • new surfactants;
  • biomass technologies;
  • soft chemical technologies: photochemistry;
  • new regulating devices;
  • hydrogen fuel cell devices.

Moderators: Ph.D.. Kirsankin A.A.. (IMET RAN), Ph.D.. Gerov MV. (MIT Corporation JSC)

3D-Scan and Computer Simulation for Additive Manufacturing; innovative materials for 3D printing; metal powder compositions for additive manufacturing, including new methods of obtaining powder materials; innovative methods of additive manufacturing; application of additive manufacturing technologies in various industries; post-processing and quality control.

Moderators: Academician RAN Habriev R.U.. (FSBSI "National Research Institute of Public Health named after N.A.. Semashko "), d.m.s.. Vasilyeva T.P.. (FSBSI "National Research Institute of Public Health named after N.A.. Semashko ")

Organizational technologies of health preservation in healthcare, social and scientific and educational spheres. Health preservation information technologies. Expert information systems for decision support at the doctor level, supervisor, expert, a patient. Evaluation of the effectiveness of clinical technologies for health preservation.

Moderators: Doctor of Chemistry. Giruts M.V. (Russian State University of Oil and Gas), Ph.D.. Kuryakov V.N.. (IPNG RAS)

Application of new materials and technologies in such areas, as exploration of gas and oil fields, conducting surveys, drilling of the wells, mining of oil and gas, organization of transportation of extracted resources, core and reservoir fluid studies. Also, the section will discuss issues in such areas, as "Smart Field", development of deposits of hard-to-recover and unconventional hydrocarbons and petroleum issues.

Moderators: Corresponding Member. RAS Glinushkin A.P.. (director of VNIIF), d.b.n.. Kozyrev S.G. (zam. Director of the North Caucasus Agrarian Scientific Center, Head of the Department of the Gorsk State Agrarian University)

Interdisciplinary section, to which we invite scientists of agricultural, veterinary, zootechnical, biological, chemical, technical, medical and educational sciences, with its results and achievements in the following areas:

  • Search, development, expansion of ecologized and biologized technological methods of agricultural production;
  • decision support technologies in agriculture based on interdisciplinary knowledge;
  • tissue and cell biotechnology technologies;
  • genomic and post-genomic technologies for the creation of biologically active compounds and agents;
  • biosensor technologies, bioanalytical devices;
  • environmental toxicology of cultivated plants;
  • biologically active materials and products made from them for technological solutions for the greening of the resulting agricultural products;
  • innovations and new high technologies and equipment;
  • screening studies endo and exogenous in relation to the beneficial plant;
  • mathematical and computer methods in predicting and anticipating epiphytoties and epizootics.