dear Colleagues, at the Sixth Interdisciplinary Scientific Forum with international participation "New Materials and Advanced Technologies" you can visit any Round Table, to participate in the Workshop, a preliminary registration:

Moderator: Ph.D.. Ivannikov A.Yu. (IMET RAN)
As part of the traditional Forum event "New Materials and Advanced Technologies", reports of leading experts on approaches to determining scientometric indices in Web of Science will be presented, Scopus, eLIBRARY.RU. About that, what strategies for the use of existing scientometric tools exist in the Russian Federation and in the world, and also what are the main mistakes managers make, scientific administrators and officials when using them.
The key goal of the event is to provide a discussion of leading experts in the field of scientometrics with a wide scientific community, leaders of research teams and organizations.

Moderator: Mikhaleva M.N.. (Head of the Public Relations Department of the Russian Science Foundation), Ph.D.. Wompe T.A.. (IMET RAN)

Scientific articles and conferences are not the only platforms for the dissemination of scientific knowledge. Covering the results of their research in the media - newspapers, magazines, on internet sites, lecturing in public areas, a scientist is able to achieve the desired, a wider audience in a short time. Researchers around the world celebrate the benefits of such work, positively affecting their professional life: they are often approached by colleagues from other scientific organizations, undergraduate and graduate students and even business representatives, interested in research results.
As part of the workshop, experts in the field of scientific communication will talk about, how a scientific article becomes a press release, how is she, in turn, turns into news in the mainstream media and what role does the scientist play in this process.
The workshop includes theoretical and practical parts.

Moderator: Ivkina EA. (CEO of the Internet edition “Capital of the country” )
Internet edition "Capital of the Country" – one of the leading economic portals of the Russian Federation and one of the top ten professional Internet resources of the Runet, according to We consider capital in all its dimensions: financial, natural, human.
One of the competencies of the Internet edition "Capital of the Country" is to conduct a unique section "Human factor, as a guarantee of development ".
It is very important to note, what the reviews of numerous participants show, that this direction is trendy for society in the difficult conditions of today's world. The emergence of such a dialogue and expert platform will allow your participants to gain competitive advantages in society, and also attract a new audience, which such knowledge will be interesting and useful.
Section program on human resources as a factor of development:
  • The concept of stress and stress resistance:

1) How the mental system works. Why does a person get into stressful situations?

2) Development of the mental system under stress

3) The ability to manage stress

4) Ways and technologies for getting out of stress

  • Historical background on mental activity:

1 Historical trends in the study of the mental system

2 Levels of functioning of the mental system

3 Types of leaders and their influence in the team

  • Concept – mental protections.