Conetech Ltd – the official distributor of the world's manufacturers of high-tech analytical, technological and testing equipment in Russia. In our line of only the best on a parity the price / equipment capabilities. A number of analytical devices offered by us has relatives in features unique in the world. His main task we see the organization as quickly as possible, productive and comfortable communication between the customer and manufacturer in dealing with, associated with the choice, purchase and maintenance of equipment.

"Inteltest" Ltd. is an integrated supplier of test equipment and scientific research institutes and industrial enterprises. We deliver the best solutions for testing and studying the properties of materials to solve problems of any complexity. Our strategic partners are leading manufacturers of equipment, such as Instron, Buehler, oNLY, Correlated Solutions, IMCA other.

INTERTECH Corporation – American company, specializing in the supply and service of scientific and analytical equipment from leading manufacturers for elemental, molecular, thermal analysis, study the surface and nanostructures.

More 30 s equipment and supplies systems are successfully used in educational institutions and academic institutes, Forensic Center, in dozens of companies in the steel, nuclear, chemical, petroleum refining and petrochemical industries, etc. During this period of time it is established and maintained over 1900 units of large equipment.

Surface analysis and research of nanostructures offer: optical, stilusnye profilers and nanoindenter production KLA-Tencor; Atomic force microscopes Asylum Research; X-ray photoelectron spectrometers and microanalysis system Thermo Scientific.

To investigate the thermal, thermal and rheological properties of different solid and liquid materials offer equipment TA Instruments production (USA) - the absolute world leader in the design and sales of analytical instruments for thermal analysis.

Headquartered INTERTECH Corp. located in Atkinson, New Hampshire, USA, at 50 kilometers north of Boston. Our offices are located in Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk; Astana and Almaty (Kazakhstan), Baku (Azerbaijan), Kiev (Ukraine), Minsk (Belarus).

Our company is constantly working to strengthen the reputation of a reliable supplier and a responsible representative, providing users with high-quality technical and methodological support

Photocor company develops and manufactures equipment for the analysis of particulate matter in fluids using techniques of dynamic and static light scattering. Our products allow you to define the size of the particles, zeta potential and a molecular weight in the submicron and nanometer size range. These parameters are relevant for both fundamental and applied research in various fields of science, and for the monitoring and control of technological processes in modern industries proizvodstva.Nashimi clients include leading research institutes and universities, high-tech companies and laboratories around the world. Photocor company successfully cooperates with various organizations and is actively involved in promising research proektah.My have extensive experience in the development and delivery of individual configurations of devices to customers to solve specific problems. Our company has a number of unique developments and techniques for particle size measurement in the poorly transparent and highly dispersive media, including the study of colloidal properties of oil and gas condensate systems. Our devices are designed and manufactured in Russia. Originality of technical solutions and copyright produced devices are protected by a number of patents. Photocor devices fully meet modern standards for dynamic light scattering method.