Dear colleagues, Fourth on the interdisciplinary scientific forum with international participation "New Materials" will work 6 scientific sessions in the following areas:

  • Nanomaterials and nanotechnologies (Moderator: Kirsankin AA)
  • Experimental methods of study of materials and constructions (Moderator: Tatus NA)
  • Biomaterials and biotechnology (Moderator: Fedotov AY)
  • Modern bioanalytical systems and materials (Moderator: Grips AV)
  • Structural materials (Moderator: Lysenko AS)
  • functional materials (Moderator: Kulbakyn IV)
  • Promising processes in metallurgy (Moderator: Anisonyan K.)
  • Materials and technologies for green chemistry (Demin DV)

If you have questions about the use of sections, send them via e-mail Forum: