Roundtable: «Scientometrics: new prospects»

30 October, 14:00 – 16:00, Green Hall of the Presidium of Russian Academy of Sciences

Scientometrics is one of the most effective instrument for maintenance the unity of the scientific and innovative space under the conditions of scientific activity growth. Scientometrics indicators gradually penetrate to the practice sphere of scientific achievements and scientific activity regulation with the growth of the science role in the community vital activity.

The level of difficulty of modern scientific researches, the growth of its price and achieved result impact degree on social and economics processes determines the actual problems of monitoring, analyze and cooperation stimulation in science and innovative areas.

Therefore the array of scientific publications reflects the communication structure of scientists. The practice of citation is an example of interaction between specialists for new knowledge receiving. Scientific publishing activity, first of all scientific magazines issue, is one the most important factors of scientific society consolidation.

Round Table Program:
The results of the national project SCIENCE
Andrei Petrovich Loktev, к.э.н., Consultant analytical solutions Elsevier S&T in Russia and Central Asia
Open science - Open communication - Open magazine - reviewed Open
Paul G. Arefyev, Principal Researcher Stats & Analytics Centre eLIBRARY.RU
On the scientific "Scientometrics" discipline for graduate students. Motivation and practical value of the training course.
Margarita A. Goldberg, к.т.н, Researcher, Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science. A. Baikov Russian Academy of Sciences
Alexander Y. Ivannikov, к.т.н., Senior Research Fellow of the Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science. A. Baikov Russian Academy of Sciences.
The discussion will also be attended by representatives of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.

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