methodical section

Articles section for university teachers "Higher Education and Technologies of XXI Century"
The fourth interdisciplinary scientific forum with international participation "New materials and emerging technologies" will be held methodical section for university teachers "Higher Education and Technologies of XXI Century", whose mission is to create a site, allowing teachers to the various institutions of higher education to exchange experience in implementing training programs on new disciplines and improvement of existing curricula. Updating the curriculum is carried out to ensure the necessary level of knowledge of students about the current state of research in the relevant fields of knowledge, which corresponds to one of the objectives of the forum, "New Materials and Advanced Technologies" - helps to attract young professionals in the field of research and development.
Call for Papers on methodological section is conducted on a general basis. Inclusion in the program of meetings - on a review of submitted abstracts.

Abstracts of accepted papers will be published in, indexed in the database RISC data. At the end of the Forum, the participants issued certificates, confirming their participation in the program of methodical section meetings with oral / poster presentation.

Moderators / responsible: к.ф.-м.н. Stepanova E.V. (CYS RAS, zam.preds. PR Congress Steering Committee), Ph.D., Assoc. Kukoleva A.A. (time. Physicists MSTUCA the department)