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Aborkin Artemy V.Influence of the type of ceramic particles on the efficiency of gas-dynamic spraying and hardness AMG6 / C60 hybrid coatings
Agapkin Mihail DenisovichExamination of features electrochemical deposition of CdTe thin films from aqueous solutions of electrolytes
Aleynikov Ksenia B.Identification nanokristllitov in diffraction of amorphous metal alloys
Anastasiya Antonenko O.NMR studies of three-dimensional topological insulators in a wide temperature range
Anuchkin SergeyInteraction of exogenous zirconia nanoparticles with sulfur and tin in a model complex-nickel alloys
Aslanlı Arash GulhanFunctional based material of bacterial cellulose and PVA cryogel, having antimicrobial activity
Bardakova Xenia NikolaevnaThree-dimensional multi-matrices for tissue engineering of articular cartilage
Belosludtseva Anna A.Electronic density of states of disordered bilayer graphene
Bilalova Эlina AzatovnaInvestigation of properties of the composite material with an inorganic filler: dispersed composition, chemical and physical characteristics
Boytsova OlgaEffect of heat on postprocessing photocatalytic properties of titanium dioxide mezokristallov
Borschev Oleg V.New efficient phosphors: synthesis, properties, application
Alina Vasileva V.Effect of PVP nanowires on the metabolic activity of Lactobacillus acidophilus
Vikulova Yevgenia SergeyevnaChemical vapor deposition bimetallic platinum-iridium coatings on medical purpose electrodes
Vinokourov OlgaPhysico-chemical study of siliceous phosphate ore
Viskovatov Alexei V.Heterogeneous polarized states in a dielectric matrix segnetonanovklyucheny
Yulia Vladimirova OlegovDevelopment Jarraud- and wear resistant nanocomposite material based on a copper powder and its manufacturing technology for injection molding machines pistons
Darya VlasovaInvestigation of anomalies ductile-brittle transition in multilayer metallic materials on the basis of structural alloy steels
Vompe TatyanaStudy powder magnitotvordyh Fe-Cr-Co alloys with 7-8 the masses. % cobalt
Galushko Alex S.New technologies and materials 3d-printing in chemical research
Goncharova Olga A.Cyclic voltammetry method and current transients in the study of electrochemical mechanism EC
Gorbunova Maria VladimirovnaGold nanorods and a nanocomposite material based on them: analytical capabilities spectrophotometric determination of total catecholamine
Gureev Jaroslav EduardoviçInduced single-ion magnetic field on the basis of cobalt complex tiodiatsetatnogo(II)
Dementieva Maria M.Application of nanotechnology radiation to selectively change the atomic structure and properties of thin-film materials
Denisova Ekaterina A.Study Conduct palladium nanoparticles in solution in order to study the reaction mechanism for cross-coupling
Eremin SergeyStudy of spheroidizing process using iron powder hybrid plasmatron
Efimov Ignatius I.Multisensor detector VOC capillary gas chromatography
Elena EfremenkoFunctional materials for sustainable expansion of toxicants in the management of agricultural proizodstva
Zhigachev Andrew O.Effect of silica impurities on the phase composition and mechanical properties of ceramics based on zirconium dioxide
Zablotskaya Julia VitalievnaPerspectives hydrothermal processing leucoxene concentrates for producing synthetic wollastonite
Zimbovsky Dmitry S.Preparation of copper oxide films (I) hydrothermal method
Zlygosteva OlgaNanopowder silica, doped with manganese dioxide, SiO2 – MnO2 for use in biomedicine
Ivanova Darya D.Coolants increased efficiency. nanoflyuidy and nanoemulsions
Natalia IvanovaElectrochemical methods in the study of nanostructured binary systems based on transition metals
Kabantseva Veronika E.High-temperature invar anomaly in multilayer steel materials
Kalinenko Alexander A.Research of influence of the two-stage tempering on the mechanical properties 9% Cr steel, tantalum alloy
Vyacheslav KiykoBrittle matrix composites and oxide composite fibers
Kolesnikov Timothy I.Synthesis and study of the properties of thermoplastic with propargyl moiety oligoimidov
Kolmachihina Elvira BaryevnaEffect of lignosulfonate and sodium dodecyl sulfate on the parameters of leaching zinc concentrates
Kolosova Olga YurevnaEffect of additives on properties of trehalose PVA cryogel, formed in water, and in an organic medium.
The commandant Roman I.Investigation of the effect of n-butyl acrylate copolymer and styrene on physical-mechanical and optical properties of organic glasses
Com Ninel NikolaevnaChanging the structural organization in a polar elastomer film under an electric field
Anton D. KosovPreparation and study of the optical properties of the new complexes of rare earth elements pirazinoporfirazinovyh
Krivoshapkin PavelSynthesis and characterization of hybrid materials based on carbon and metal oxide nanoparticles
Krohicheva Polina AlekseevnaDevelopment of the method of forming a composite "Magnesium bone substance" for biodegradable implants by powder metallurgy
Kuleshov Gregory E.Investigation of the electromagnetic characteristics of polymeric materials based on single and multi-walled carbon nanotube
Kutsbah Anatoly ArturovichProblematic issues numerical simulation process injection molding of polymer powder mixtures and product quality
Le Hong PhucThe kinetics of the interaction of apatite ore with nitric acid independent methods of analysis
Luzhkov, Viktor BorisovichMolecular modeling based on nanosoedineny C60 in aqueous medium
Lukin Iraida NikolaevnaEffect of thermobaric treatment temperature on the structure of the carbon phases, derived from C60 under pressure
Lukyashin Konstantin EgorovichEffect of additives on sintering opto-Ce scintillation characteristics:YAG ceramics
Luponosov Yuri NikolaevichNew stable donor-acceptor molecules for organic photovoltaics
Lions VladislavArhitekturirovannye auxetic structure, obtained by 3D-printing
Markovets Xenia E.The main features of the process of charging the ferroelectric lithium niobate and lithium tantalate and shift under electron irradiation domains
Maslennikov TatianaLayered tubular morphology hydrosilicates: synthesis, properties, application
Olga MaslovaPolymers based on amino acids, and the prospects for their production from renewable raw materials
Nikita V. MinaevFemtosecond nonlinear optical lithography
Alexander MinakovInfluence of multiplicity of process cycles in the fatigue life of the steel laminates
Mirkasımov Aziz BahtiyaroviçLock the mononuclear phagocyte system, caused by the absorption of magnetic nanoparticles
Pavel MikhailovUltrafast solvotermicheskoe recovery graphene oxide under the influence of the ultrasonic field
Maxim V. MikheevSelf-propagating high-temperature synthesis powder material under pressure with shift
Mukanova Olivia JanatoviçEffect of selective laser melting conditions on the structure and properties of titanium VT1-0
Nazarychev Victor M.Investigation of the effect of single-walled carbon nanotubes on the structural and mechanical properties of thermoplastic polyimide and BPDA-P3 aBPDA-P3
Oparin Yegor SergeyevichCreating optical structures in quartz glass
Panasenko Alexander E.Aluminosilicate sorbents from rice straw
Panina Kira S.Improving physical and mechanical properties of electronic devices electrode material technological methods
Andrei PetrovCrystallization of hybrid perovskites of the lactone: from the study of equilibria in the solution to the production of thin solid films
Liver Lidia S.The synthesis and electrochemical properties of the cathode materials xLi2MnO3 •(1-x)LiMn1 / 3Ni1 / 3Co1 / 3O2 for lithium-ion batteries
Podzorova Maria V.Photodestruction composite materials based on polylactide and polyethylene
Podkopaev AlexeyInvestigation of the structure of monocrystals energy Lu2SiO5:This3+ by thermoluminescence
Polikevich Ksenia B.Evaluation of deformation capacity of multilayer metallic materials, derived from steels 08H18N10 + 08H18 + U8 and 08H18N10
Pravotorova Elena AlekseevnaStatistical analysis of the vibrational response of electrically conductive material to the action of pulsed currents
Ritter, Henry S.Study of radioprotective effect of double-stranded RNA, isolated from the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Romanov Ivan D.Development of technology for ultra-light material based on aluminum
Elena RomanovaEffect technology for cast blanks on their structure, mechanical and service properties
Andrey RychkovExtension methods ultrafast on-chip calorimetry to study the structure and thermal properties of samples weighing unit nanograms
Nikolai Mikhailovich RyshkovTitanium-based alloys intended for medical implants
Snegirev Nikita I.Single crystals of ferro-gallo-borates Fe1-XGaXBO3 for nuclear resonant synchrotron experiments: synthesis and study
Sorin Eugene S.A study of relaxation processes in photocurable cyanate-ester nanocomposites for 3D printing method broadband dielektroskopii
Tkachev Eugene S.Creep thermotechnical 9% Cr steel with a high content of boron
Fahreeva Alsou VenerovnaSodium carboxymethylcellulose - basic reagent to create a range of "green" innovative oilfield reagents
Julia Filimonova AleksmandrovnaApplication of the method of Mott-Schottky to study the properties of semiconductor films poliporfirinovyh
Sergey FilippovStudy principles of cathodes mnogoostriynyh field via a field emission computerized projector
Vladimir M. FreimanComposite Electrolytes based calixarene and ammonium salts of phosphotungstic acid for potentiometric gas sensors
Xajrutdinova Dinara RustamovnaSynthesis and properties of magnesium - substituted calcium sulfate
Ferrets Kirill SergeyevichMechanisms of graphene flaking under the action of femtosecond laser radiation in liquid nitrogen
Chainikova Anna S.Sol-gel synthesis of high-aluminosilicate glass ceramic and composite materials on its basis
Cherepanov LyubovThe crystal structure and properties RBaCuO
Chizhikov Andrey PavlovichPreparation compact ceramic materials based on Al2O3-SiC-TiB2 system by a combination of combustion and plastic deformation
Chhetyany Herman R.Obtaining new materials for organic photovoltaics on the basis of [1,2,5]thiadiazolo[3,4-d]pyridazine
Şaydullin Ruslan RadikoviçAnode material based lithium titanate for a lithium-ion battery
Sharanova Anastasia VyacheslavovnaStudy viscosity mortars, used for 3D printing
Shveova TatianaLow-temperature carburizing – promising technology hardening toothed parts
Shekunova Taisa OlegovnaFormation and Properties of Amorphous cerium dibasic(IV)
Shcherbakova Galina IgorevnaNanometallokarbosilany organoelementoksany and as precursors of components perspective keramokompozitov
Yurov Pauline A.Nafion membrane, modified poly(3,4-etilendioksitiofenom): acquisition and transport properties