Четвертый междисциплинарный научный форум с международным участием "Новые материалы"

We invite you to take part in the Fourth interdisciplinary scientific forum with international participation "New Materials" (www.n-materials.ru), which will be held in Moscow in November 2018 ..

The purpose of the Forum is to attract young professionals in the sphere of research and development, the formation of new successful scientific groups, the development of cooperation between Russian and international research organizations, representatives of authorities, industry, business, mass media.

A key objective of the Forum is to strengthen interdisciplinary connections in the scientific community, to promote the integration of science and industry in Russia for the development of new materials.

The programme of the forum includes plenary reports from leading scientists and enterprise managers, young winners of the scientific Russian Awards, oral and poster presentations in the following scientific sections: Nanomaterials and nanotechnologies, research methods, ceramic materials, functional polymer materials, composite materials, structural materials, biocompatible materials, materials and technologies for green chemistry and round tables, devoted to various problems of development of the scientific and industrial complex, introduction of new technologies and acute issues of scientific interdisciplinary interaction and cooperation.

By the beginning of the work of the Forum a collection of materials , indexed in the database INDEX and also will be published at least 100 best abstracts, indexed in the database Scopus and Web of Science.

The best oral and poster work for the Forum Programme Committee will be recommended for publication in magazines "Perspektivnie materialy", «Materialovedenie», "Deformaciya i razrushenie materialov", «Metally», included in the list of peer-reviewed scientific publications, recommended VAK.