Шестой междисциплинарный научный форум с международным участием "Новые материалы и перспективные технологии"

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In the framework of the Fifth Forum “New Materials and Advanced Technologies” a collection of articles in the journal was published IOP Conference: Materials Science & Engineering, Journal is indexed in Scopus.

Registration for the Sixth Interdisciplinary Scientific Forum with International Participation “New Materials and Advanced Technologies” is open. draw your attention to, that registration at the Sixth Interdisciplinary Scientific Forum with international participation “New Materials and Advanced Technologies” consists of four stages:

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With 23 November 26 November 2020 .. in the building of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia, .. Moscow, Leninskiy Prospekt, 32(a)) The Sixth Interdisciplinary Scientific Forum with International Participation “New Materials and Advanced Technologies” will be held.

The main organizers of the event will be the Council of Young Scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Coordinating Council for Youth in Scientific and Educational Spheres under the Presidential Council for Science and Education. The aim of the forum is the formation of new successful scientific groups, the involvement of young specialists in the field of research and development, the development of cooperation between Russian and international research organizations, representatives of authorities, industry, business, mass media.

A key objective of the Forum is to strengthen interdisciplinary connections in the scientific community, promoting the integration of science and industry in Russia to create new materials and promising technologies.

The programme of the forum includes plenary reports from leading scientists and enterprise managers, young winners of the scientific Russian Awards, oral and poster presentations in the following scientific sections: Nanomaterials and nanotechnologies, experimental methods for studying materials and structures, Inorganic functional materials, organic functional materials, structural materials, biomaterials and technologies, long-term processes in metallurgy, materials and technologies for green chemistry, additive technology, zdorovesberezheniya population: management technologies, new materials and technologies in the oil and gas industry (gas, oil, energetics), materials and technologies for agriculture and round tables devoted to various problems of the development of the scientific and industrial complex, introduction of new technologies and acute issues of scientific interdisciplinary interaction and cooperation.

After the event, participants will be awarded certificates, and winners of the best works will receive diplomas, commemorative gifts and free publication, indexed in a Scopus database and / or Web of Science.

A collection of materials will be published before the start of the forum., indexed in database RISC will be published, and also after the forum a collection of articles will be published (free and paid publication provided), indexed in a Scopus database and / or Web of science.

Forum is free and without age limit.

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