Requirements for the content of the poster:

  • section name;
  • header (the name of the project);
  • information about the participants of the Forum:
    • the names of the authors of the report;
    • organization name, where the study was carried out;
    • Contact details (mobile phone and e-mail);
    • information about scientific research (target, tasks, techniques, results, findings).

Requirements for registration of the poster:

Example of the poster

  • A1 size (594 x 841 mm, vertical orientation, sm.shablon). fields: on 40 mm on each side; significant elements of the layout should be placed no closer 15 mm from the fields poster; Background - white; text color - dark; Drawings and graphs are executed in color;
  • the name of the project (recommended font size is not less than 70 font size);
  • the text should be easy to read (recommended font size is not less than 24 font size).